Sunday, 10 February 2013

..a language of technical Computing

Over one million user across industry and acdemia use MATLAB.
It is used in Various fields of Engineering, Science and Mathematics and is very popular especially amongst researchers.
The best part of MATLAB software is its model based design, You can develop and analyze systems through modeling rather than typing codes.Over two hundred million lines of code can be easily generated using the MATLAB model based design.The data visualization is excellent in MATLAB.
And if you care to be the Best Engineer or a researcher make this software your friend !!

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Torque-Speed Characteristics of Induction Motor (GUI)

How to Develop a Simple MATLAB GUI

MATLAB for Beginners Part one


  1. hey to install more number of toolboxes in matlab using anotha keys given in crack folder???????

  2. you need to buy them seperately

  3. i m unable to click on second link